Vietnam kayak Travel

Kayak travel is one of the most popular water sport activity in Vietnam. The biggest destination for kayaking in Vietnam is the area that includes Halong bay and Lan Ha bay which belongs to the Cat Ba National park, Cat Ba island.

There are also other places in Vietnam where river kayak travel is provided such as Ba Be National park in Northern Vietnam, Perfumed River in Hue and Cai River in Nha Trang, Vietnam central highlands.

Kayak travel in Halong Bay and Lan Ha bay, Cat Ba island is highly recommended for family travel, traveling with kids or during the summer time. Kayak travel on the emerald waters of Halong bay or Lan Ha bay can be combined with an overnight boat cruises or a short bicycle tour to Vietnam village, Cat Ba island or an easy trek to Cat Ba national park.

A wide selection of overnight cruises are provided by Vietnam local tour operators and boat companies ranging from two-day boat cruises to multi-day boat cruises. In terms of quality, there is a wide array of different categories of boat junks in Halong bay and Cat Ba island. Standard boats offers cheap overnight cruises for backpackers; Superior and luxury boats provide more comfortable cabins and more comfortable facilities.

Kayak travel is also available in other regions of Vietnam such as Ha Giang and Lai Chau. These provinces offer river kayak with more challenging kayak tours.

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